Point Deception

On 5 April I received a call from Joan Patterson that he was being discharged from Gainsville VA Hospital with Hospice and not long to live. He was stricken with an incurable type of cancer labeled MDS. Fortunately I was close enough and able to be with him for a couple of days before he died.


You've, never lived;
'Til, you've almost died;
For, those who fight for it;
Freedom, has a flavor;
The, protected will never know!

I was born in Velasco, Texas a small town on the Gulf Coast and raised in the even smaller town of Port Isabel, Texas. Like the protagonist in my first novel Point Deception I ran away from home, lied about my age, and joined the Coast Guard at the tender age of 14. Although my single mom found out about it while I was still in boot camp she agreed to let me stay in providing I obtained at least my high school GED. After leaving the Coast Guard I attended the University of Houston and transferred to Baylor College of Medicine (PA program) graduating in 1974. After graduation I joined the Army as an airborne combat physician assistant. Almost a decade later I left the Army to practice in the civilian sector before finally joining the Navy Military Sealift Command as a civilian mariner physician assistant. I started writing my first novel Point Deception during a long deployment at sea.  As most first novels tend to be it started as a fictionalized autobiography. The story soon took on a life of its own; turning into a Coast Guard story in honor of the men and women of the Coast Guard, America's smallest, oldest, and proudest sea service as seen through the eyes of the protagonist Tim Kelly, a likable character with a tortured soul. I retired from the Military Sealift Command on February 27, 2010 and now reside in Warwick, New York where I intend to devote full time to my new career as an author. 

I am currently working on my fourth novel, All the Valiant Brothers. A sequel to my third novel, The SADM Project.


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