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From time-to-time I will be presenting selected chapters of my books, so that you the reader may come to know my protagonist Tim Kelly as his quest unfolds. In Chapter Nine, of Point Deception fourteen year old Tim Kelly almost meets a fatal ending to his newly begun quest for adventure. 

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This very important topic was inadequately covered on the FAQ page. The topic is so important that I've decided to create a page of its own.

Normally, I tell new writers: Write a great story and have it professionally edited, but it is not enough to write a good story, or even a great story. That is only a very small portion of the writer's job, if you want to make the leap from newbie writer to published author. The operative word is "Published."

Publishing our work, is validation of who we are and why we cannot, not write. Having said, that, breaking into the traditional publishing world is an almost insurmountable feat. Consequently, many just give up and many others fall prey to so-called publishers that are more interested in your money than they are you. In the coming weeks, I will be posting all kinds of writing and publishing--self-publishing--advice, but I thought this post from one of the many writer's discussion groups that I participate in, would be an excellent start:

From Michele DeFilippo, Owner, http://1106Design.com. Quality book design, editing, and honest indie publishing advice with hand-holding. 

Authors don't need ANY self-publishing company, large or small. And there is a middle ground between hiring them and "doing everything yourself", a dangerous narrative that has somehow taken root. 

POD printing and distribution is available to anyone via CreateSpace.com and IngramSpark.com. Each of these companies has their strengths and weaknesses. 

CreateSpace is a convenient pipeline into Amazon, but only Amazon. Their extended distribution is more expensive than Ingram (60% vs. 55%) and because their books are non-returnable, bookstores won't touch them. 

Ingram Spark offers a much more robust international distribution pipeline, and bookstores are happy to special order books because they are returnable. 

You do not have to use CreateSpace for any other service. When you do, you're dealing with just another self-publishing company, with all the negatives listed above. Based on what I have seen of their design, the quality that satisfies inexperienced authors would not impress professionals in the business, or buyers. 

The "self-publishing companies" exist for one reason: to relieve authors of their profits and up-sell them on worthless marketing services. They reel authors in with promises of cheap book production, or "do-it-yourself templates", but authors soon find out that these promises are not kept. 

In traditional publishing, the publisher invests in the book, hires experts to prepare the book to industry standards, pays the unavoidable retailer discounts when a book is sold, then recoups that investment by keeping the lion's share of the profits and paying the author a small royalty for each copy sold. 

In legitimate self-publishing, the author assumes the role of the publisher as above, then keeps all the profits for each book sold. In both models, experts are hired, paid a fee, and then they are out of the picture. They don't participate in the author's profits from book sales at all. 

The "self-publishing companies" are completely illegitimate. They charge the author for book prep services AND they keep the lion's share of the profits, paying the author a small royalty. More authors need to ask the question: "Why is this company entitled to ANY share of my profits?" 

Many companies, including Judith's and mine, offer multiple services by a team of vetted experts with the convenience of project management. Naturally, this costs money, but you will wind up with a market-quality book and full control of a publishing endeavor that pays all the profits to YOU. 


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